Hello, It’s Me

If you’re a reader who has checked in every once in a while for the past month, hoping for a glimpse of some life, I do apologize. There is nothing else that I love more than writing here (although pumpkin cheesecake is a very close second), but as we all know, life…uh..finds a way.

Life Finds a Way gif from Jurassic Park


It’s been a whirlwind of a month, having been to San Francisco as well as Dominican Republic for half of it, so I thought I’d check in and quickly fill you in on some of what I’ve been up to.

Best Food I’ve Had

This one would have to go to the San Francisco delicacy: Cioppino. It is literally a tomato broth stew that’s filled with different types of seafood (mussels, shrimp, crab, etc). The name derives from the Italian history of the Bay area. It’s traditional for a Cioppino to be made from the catch of the day. Back in the 1800s, when fishermen would come back empty-handed, the women would walk around asking other fishermen to “chip in” any that they had to spare. And from there, they threw it all in a pot, and there was born the Cioppino.

According to Sotto Mare‘s menu, they have the “Best Damn Crab Cippino in San Francisco!” And seeing as this was my first and only cioppino, I’d have to agree 😉

Worst Food I’ve Had

This would also have to go to a San Francisco establishment. We decided to go to a Japanese restaurant, excited to try some sushi. Long story short, the fantasy got a little too expensive, so we settled on a “dinner combo” deal that also included some sashimi. Let’s just say that the sashimi was the only thing eaten on that plate.

The worst part of that meal was a “custard pudding” that came as an appetizer. Strange, as I usually think of a custard pudding as a dessert, a base for something like a creme brûlée. Well, I can’t even describe to you what this tasted like, but I can tell you that it did NOT taste like creme brûlée.

Lesson learned: If you’re planning on going to a Japanese restaurant for sushi, order the goddamn sushi.

Best Moment

Singing (and frankly, killing) Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” during Karaoke Night at the Dominican resort to a crowd of children and old, French couples from Quebec.

Worst Moment

Throwing up 9 times in what can only be described as the worst hangover following the epic Karaoke Night.

What’s Playing On My Phone?

Beck- Colors

What Am I Watching?


What Am I Reading?

Dan Brown- Origin (don’t judge me)

What’s My Current Obsession?

Fantasy Hockey

What’s My Current Demise?

Work…and going back to the gym 😔


But most importantly, I missed doing this. Even though it’s the same as me talking out loud to an empty space, somehow, it feels like listening. So thank you if you are, and I promise to go back to frequent posting!

As always, comments, questions, and the like are always welcome…until next time.

And how does this make you feel?