Apple Rules Everything Around Me

Well, today was a big day (for some). If you’re not quite sure of what I’m referencing to, it would be the one and only Apple Event.


Now, I do work for a tech company, so naturally, we had the event streaming live. And as you can tell by the Twitterstorm it instigated, so did the rest of the world (well, at least the Western side of it).

I also own an iPhone and a Macbook myself, so I’m not here to sound hypocritical, but….there does come a point where enough is enough.

Why Apple?

When I first switched to an iPhone, I was coming from the Blackberry Z10- possibly one of the worst phones that I hope you never had the great displeasure of owning. Prior to that, I was quite anti-iPhone. I absolutely loved my iPod nano, but found the idea of a touch screen to be too inconvenient (I have fat thumbs), and let’s face it- it’s not cheap. I was looking around at my fellow students iMessaging during class, and just couldn’t understand how they could all afford it when I could barely afford my lunch.

And so I came up with my view of the iPhone stereotype- someone who will only buy Apple products for the brand name, and the recognition of owning something expensive and flashy. It’s like the Ferrari owner of smartphones.

But I came to a point where I had enough of dealing with phone failure, and was too intimated by Android’s vast world of customization and performance. So I settled for something friendly, and most importantly, something where I was familiar with the music app, and could transfer my library easily.

Since then, I can’t complain. The phone does the job, and allows me to stay relevant in this world of hashtags and filters (oh, and my thumbs adjusted quite nicely over the past couple years).

So why am I not impressed with the new unveiled iPhone 8 and iPhone X? Because it’s not innovative, and the price tag stands more for the Apple logo than it does for the actual product.

Let’s compare

First off, I would like to point out that the iPhone X’s full screen display is not the first of its kind. And judging by the timing of it, it wasn’t even Apple’s original plan.

Based on my own speculations, Apple was working on the iPhone 8- the major change to boast about there was the glass hardware for wireless charging. But the only reason they even had to change their usual aluminum casing was due to Samsung’s wireless charging capabilities. So they were already playing a game of catch-up. And then Samsung dropped another bomb on them- they announced the Samsung S8 , an all-screen, HDR display smartphone- with wireless charging. So Apple had to go back to the drawing board to make sure they keep up with the latest and greatest, and so they worked on the iPhone X alongside the iPhone 8.

Now, I actually appreciate the fact that they are offering both, since I know that not everyone is willing to let go of the button on their current iPhones, but let’s not give them the innovation prize of the year.

Apple has been playing the catch-up game for quite some time now. Take their screen resolution, for example:

The last iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus boasts a display of 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. All right, so it’s a 1080p HD display.

Compare that with the Samsung S6, a phone that is a generation older than the iPhone 7, and its display boasts a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution. Where did Apple go wrong?

Do you know what was the first phone to offer 4K video recording capabilities? The Acer Liquid S2 , back in 2013.

So you can throw fancy names on features all day long, but that won’t make them impressive, nor turn heads when you’re the last one to support them.

Here Comes the But….

I think I’ve made my point clear- iPhone is no longer the most innovative and interesting phone in the world. But it is damn good looking.

The one aspect that Apple can always nail is the UI of their products. Physically, their phones are gorgeous to look at, and comfortable to hold. The software is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and they do a great job at considering their user base, and adding features that are highly requested. Take the Animojis- Snapchat filters are taking over the world, so Apple decided to implement their own version with the much loved (and memed-about) animal emojis. While you wouldn’t catch me making facial expressions at my phone in the middle of the street, I will gladly play around with it from the comfort of my own home.

All in all, it’s a reliable and great phone to have. Consider this, though- an average (young) person uses their phone for messaging (and calling), Instagram, Facebook, and maybe throw in a dating app or two in there. Streaming video is completely dependent on your data plan/Wi-Fi bandwidth, and if you’re already settling for watching Stranger Things on a phone screen rather than a TV screen, you’re not going to be complaining about much else. So with such minimal daily computing usage, why pay $999 USD? Because it’s Apple, and wearing the logo comes with a certain status of wealth, relevance, and superiority.

Remember: Apple Rules Everything Around Me- dolla dolla bills y’all.

And how does this make you feel?