New Music Fridays

My favourite part of Friday (apart from it being Friday) is to scour the net for the newest music releases of the week. It’s the perfect way to kick off your weekend- finding a new anthem to rock out to on your nights out. Or if you’re like me, finding new tracks to play while you sit there thinking of all the things you can accomplish on the weekend, knowing you’ll still end up on the couch watching Netflix anyway.

Since this is the first in my series of New Music Fridays, I will try to ease you in with a brief overview of what’s new and playing on my list, as well as actual new releases that came out today.

What’s new, what’s happening?

There is an artist that I recently discovered that I am absolutely in love with: Mondo Cozmo.  His debut album “Plastic soul” is hands-down the most refreshing and original sound that I’ve heard all summer. Finally, I have someone to root for again.

The sound very much reminds me of Wintersleep, combined with the same eclectics that distinguish Beck apart from other alternative artists. Some tracks to notice include:

  1. “Plastic Soul”
  2. “Shine”
  3. “Chemical Dream”

I highly recommend that you check him out as soon as you can, and let me know in the comments if you know of any other new artists to come out that I should check out!

Other honourable mentions of recently released new albums:

Queens of the Stone AgeVillains.
The band is making a comeback with this articulate album, as it’s one of the best sounds that I’ve ever from them in a long time.

LCD Soundsystem- American Dream. 
I could say exactly the same thing about this album- it’s been a while since I’ve liked an actual album of theirs. I’ve alway appreciated individual tracks, but this is a time where I can confidently say LCD Soundsystem nailed almost every track.

The War on Drugs- A Deeper Understanding. 
Just like they blew us away with their “Lost in the Dream” album, War on Drugs once again transfers us to an ethereal, dream-like state where soft melodies and sentimental lyrics are joined in a matrimonial union like no other.

What came out today?

Well, glad you asked. Here’s the list of my most anticipated/to be giddy about tracks and albums that graced the airways today:

Sam Smith- Too Good At Goodbyes

The National- Sleep Well Beast – you can check out my artist spotlight on The National here

Death From Above 1979- Outrage! Is Now

Jack Johnson- All The Light Above It Too 

George Michael- Fantasy (you’re fooling yourself if you’re not excited for this one)


So break out the Spotify (or whatever you like to use for your music enjoyment), find yourself a quiet spot, and lose yourself to the music of this fine Friday.

And how does this make you feel?