Best Openers- TV Edition

If you’ve already been through my list of the best TV theme songs (according to me, anyway), then you will remember me mentioning that there was a place for all the themes that weren’t stand-alone songs. Well, this is the place.

To be fair, this is a much harder list to narrow down, seeing as there is so much more selection for TV themes. It’s also best to keep in mind that once you get into a show, and hear that theme about a hundred times, you start to get it. You trick yourself into liking it, because it has association with a show that you love (I’m talking about you- Mindy Project). So I’ve tried to keep myself as objective as possible in this extremely subjective selection.

1.  It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

I don’t know whether it’s the uncharacteristically calm, almost classy element of the theme that I love (since the show itself is chaos), or the fact that…no, it’s definitely just the trolling factor of the opening theme that makes this so great.


2.  The Office

Who doesn’t love the Office? That’s right- nobody. Whenever I hear this, I feel a great calm wash over me, because I know that in a mere 32 seconds, I won’t have to worry about my own problems anymore. Because unlike Michael, I get to be a part of all the inside jokes.


3.  American Horror Story

Whether you like the show or not (and I mean, after season 3, who’s even still watching?), credit has to be given to Cesar Davila- Irizarry and Charlie Clouser for composing this piece. It’s eerie and exciting at the same time- gets you right in the mood for a horror story.


4.  Silicon Valley

Oh man, first off, I highly recommend this show to anyone that has a brain- or a sense of humour. The really cool part about the intro, though, is that they adjust the companies shown in Silicon Valley (both real and fictional) according to real-life events. So for example, Season 1 still had myspace there (pretty sure that died before this show’s time). Fast forward to season 3, and you start seeing Lyft, Uber and Tesla. If you really pay attention, you can pick up on things like Oculus, which is quickly taken over by Facebook (since they bought them in real life). Pre-ttty neat!


5.  Sex and the City

I pretty much can’t watch this without shaking my shoulders a bit in an awkward sitting, latin dancing way. It captures the essence of the time period in New York so perfectly- back when people didn’t even use email yet, and still went to jazz clubs for a night out.  As soon as you hear it- you start making your cosmopolitan for a “sophisticated” night in.


6.  House of Cards

I literally start imagining crisp white linen, and clean, black patent leather heels as soon as I hear this opening theme. The entire set and costume team for House of Cards is genius. And it goes so much farther than just the perfect cut of the clothes, and the lush beiges and greys of the set. This opening theme epitomizes everything that this show is made of. And I just love when fictional politics gunning for “Best Drama” awards are still classier than the real world.

 7. Game of Thrones

Let’s be honest, I mostly put that here to avoid being ostracized. It’s not that I don’t find the show’s theme to be good- it’s that I’m a little tired of how overplayed it is. You can’t go to a baseball game without hearing it. We get it- the world is obsessed with the show. It’s time to start getting over it.

 8.  Boardwalk Empire

This is a fun theme even without the show- though it certainly does the show many favours. It has the right amount of “bite” to it- the guitar riff acting as the sting for the corrupted world of prohibition that the show portrays. It’s poppy enough to remind you that this show has plenty of entertainment to it, but with an edge to also remind you that there will be violence and betrayal- and that cocaine is a hell of a drug.


9.  Stranger Things

This one is a no-brainer. The 80’s synth and thumping bass in the background just has you salivating for each episode. There’s a reason why this show became so incredibly popular, and I believe it’s the collective attention to detail- the costumes, the pop culture, the nostalgia of the 80’s. And it’s all summed up in this genius opening theme.


10. Mad Men

This is hands-down my favourite opening theme of all time. It’s over-the-top dramatic, and finishes off on the suavest beat. In my opinion, it’s meant to represent Don Draper’s character- the internal chaos that is constantly present, and then his cool and collected exterior that he chooses to portray to the world. Whatever the original intention may be- it’s brilliant, and makes me nostalgic to the point of re-watching the series every time.

And how does this make you feel?